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Tastes of Canary Christmas

Tastes of Canary Christmas

The time of Chritsmas’ Tastes has become … those traditional tastes, familiar recipes… Stop and try to think about yours.

Coconut balls, I personally remember to lick the spoon after making this recipe, the cakes, the marzipans and many others which make our familiar meeting way sweeter.

Today we are going deeper on one of those tastes, canary yam pasties. For me, thinking about this particular food is to think about my own family, the reunions at my home and the long cooking evenings, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks about them like that.

At the end of November yams are finally ready to be harvested, yellow and white yams, those which seem like “egg yolks” or those more crimson like, the variety more cultivated in the Canary Islands.

This tuber is from the tropical areas of South America, it was brought to the Canary Islands on the hands of local sailors, also the potato. The presence of yams dates from the XVI century.

We have the main ingredient, yams, every family has their own texture and way of cooking. These sweet pastries are made only with pure ingredients, flour, and fried in hot butter.

Now it’s time to design the fill, it’s something like the “mojo” recipe, you won’t find two equal ways of cooking them, smashed yam, almonds, cinnamon, lemon, anise liquor, some of them have rising inside. I will tell you how I made mine. I put almonds and raisins inside and they taste marvellous. In the past, these were the most common presents during the holidays, for relatives and friends, it was the present brought by the mothers-in-law at every home.

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Get them in the store, supermarkets or local markets, buy the ingredients and start cooking them now.

What is your recipe? Share it if you want to keep learning.

Sweet Christmas’ Taste and Happy Holidays!!