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The Vinylos are back!!

The Vinylos are back!!

The Vinylos are a band from Tenerife, but they seem like they were born in the big island of music, the UK. This band are recognised not only for their fascinating own songs and their own versions from famous hits, but also their elegant performances in every single album they have released.

Their new album, for this summer in 2021 is a 7” edited by Clifford Records, in a green vinyl and a limited edition of 100 copies.  

In the A side they offer us a vibrating own song called “Move On” and in the B side a cover of the legendary band The Knacks – I’ll miss you which was produced in 1969

It has an amazing artwork by the actual drummer from the Knacks, Marcos Moronell, with the photography of Abel Álvarez plus the sensational sound from Virginia Izquierdo in the recording studios Multitrack

Using their instrumental resources and vocals they offer us an electrifying own song of “garage beat” and, at the same time, they add a magical cover. In each song, they express the consequences of loveneless and the need of continuing despite all. 

Two songs which locate this album as one of the best of their history. They are still planning to make a bigger one by the end of the year, in September.

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