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When institutions avoid their responsibilities, people stands for their rights: it borns Somos Red

When institutions avoid their responsibilities, people stands for their rights: it borns Somos Red

Somos Red is a solidary platform for people in movement.

A meeting and a participation point of diverse people who spontaneously have decided to get organised against the severe conditions suffered by immigrants from many countries of Africa, trying the transit from Spain to the rest of Europe and helping their own and familiar stay conditions, who are running away from armed conflicts, political persecutions, climate change, gap of resources in their own area of origin…

After the long, expensive and traumatic trip between Africa and the Canary Islands, after suffering a miserable accomodation in piers of the islands, these people in movement were relocated in hotels of Gran Canaria and Tenerife, meanwhile the Central Government of Spain agreed to create a poor refugees camp in Las Raíces (Tenerife) and Barranco Seco (Gran Canaria).

In the beginning of the relocations, and after spreading the fear of being deported from those refugee camps, knowing they could leave or move freely, most of them decided to live outside staying and living on the streets at first of february.

Nowadays, hundreds of young immigrants are sleeping on the streets or trying to find a job. , hiding from the pólice and violence.

From the last 13th of february, to the knowledge of six senegalese boys who refused to go to Las Raíces from the hotel they were staying at Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, they bought a ticket to Lanzarote, where they had a family. During this boat trip with a transshipment in Gran Canaria they were arrested by the national police and detained for three days without any legal assistance or translator, they were set free on Friday 12th after the curfew due the coronavirus.

We, a group of people, started to receive in less than 24 hours an amount of 1.700 euros from anonymous donations, tons of supplies, lunch invitations…in a citizen movement which found the 16th of february the collective of Somos Red. 

Our slogan is:When institutions avoid their responsibilities, people stands for their rights: it borns Somos Red, a solidary platform for people in movement, in only 4 days this organisation has put together more than a hundred of people and social collectives into a open net, sewed with love with people and cohabitation.

To this day, we are still giving shelter and legal assistance to 23 senegalese boys trying to find a solution to many others in risk of being attacked on the streets. These are our objectives:

* To give a temporary shelter to people in movement

* To procure the transit to their final locations.

* To visibilize and to inform them about their situation.

* To establish connections with other nets, groups or Public Administrations.

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This platform is open to any person who wants to collaborate and to participate, either being part of many working groups or either giving donations to cover the incoming needs of the project.




Phone contact: 619 217 352 – 687 126 679 – 669 778 403 – 629 377 112 – 639 994 632

Bizúm (donations): 690 882 272