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The surreal and mix beauty of Tasya van Ree

The surreal and mix beauty of Tasya van Ree

Tasya van Ree is an artist and photographer borned in 1976 in Mililani, Hawaii, USA.

Her work is highlighted in her photography, mixed technique, fashion visual presentation and its relation with identity.

It was during her period in the High School  when Tasya decided to try in the photograph discipline during a course teached in the educational center.

Years later in 1994, she decided to move out to Los Angeles and to apply in the university and to study photography, but she dropped out.

This abandonment wasn’t an impediment to follow her dream of being a professional photographer making her way to the world of art and photography nowadays where she is famous for making black and white photos named “surrealist visual”.

She has made portraits of celebrities like Michelle Rodríguez, Katherine Moennig and Matt Dallas. 
Tasya, who has exposed multiple cities from different countries and reviews, has made these projects with different famous artists like David Lynch, Jessica Lange and Gus Van Sant. 

Her eclectic, unique and singular takes a vision of 360º and under her own words she tries to: 2show, simply, the dialogue between her and the person who is on the other side”.

Is in her photographic work where she tries to represent beautiful women achieving an erotic innuendo in a bare face, a gelid sight becoming warmer and what it seem apparently impossible to penatre she makes it penetrable.

And her drawings we find what is primitive, the elegance, the crudity, an interpreted femenine figure and compromising them with animal creatures. 

In fact, Tasya van Ree is a strange creature, lyrical, poetical, melancholic, sensual, exotical.

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Like any manifestation that comes out from her.

Would you like to see more from her own art?

Is the answer is yes and you want to watch more of her art you can find it on instagram @tasyavanreegallery