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March Magazine 2021

March Magazine 2021

In 2007, the Spanish Parliament signed off the Gender Equality Law which its official name is Organic Law 3/2007, from the 22 of march for the effective equality between women and men

Terms like parity, no sex discrimination, equality of opportunities, gender violence or familiar, personal or labour concilation which this law introduced 14 years ago and which is still an actual topic nowadays.

Have we achieved every goal of what this Gender Equality Law has settled in its paragraphs?

Well, many times we have and many times we haven’t, we could think after all this process we have made a step forward in relation to women rights.

Why do we have to remind Political Parties and so many other people what is this law about?

Till we cannot install binding subjects from school which make us able to understand the values of our DEMOCRACY, of our laws, of our rights and duties… Surely we won’t make our society grow stronger and wiser as fast as we expect.

Our daughters and sons must grow up in a world without any geographical, cultural, sexual or intellectual frontiers.

And for women:Y para que las mujeres:

– Don’t you feel like you must work double the time to earn the same salary as a man.

– Don’t you suffer from misogynist verbal humiliations

– Don’t you live fearing an aggression from your partner in love

– Achieve the same rights in any law of our Constitution

To make all these circumstances undoubtable, education and culture are the main pillars to end this nonsense.

8 of March #WEAREWOMEN

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Ley orgánica 3/2007 del 22 de marzo para la igualdad efectiva entre hombres y mujeres: