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World Poetry Day is each 21 st of March

World Poetry Day is each 21 st of March

The World Poetry Day, celebrated each year the 21st of March, commemorates and therefore, wants to give an important visibility to one of the most valued branches of the linguistic and identity expression of the humanity.

The Poetry, practised throughout history, in all the cultures and continents, talks about our most common humanity, about our shared values, about our thoughts (the loneliness, the love, the friendship, etc …), turning the simplest poem into a powerful agent of change of the dialogue and the peace.

The UNESCO considered for the first time the 21 st of March as World Poetry Day during the 30th General Conference in Paris in 1999. Its objective was to support the linguistic diversity through the poetic expression and encourage the visualising of those languages that are in danger.

It is an unbeatable occasion to honour the poets, relive oral traditions of poetry reading, promote the reading, the writing and the teaching of the poetry, encourage the convergence between the poetry and other forms of art like the theatre, the dance, the music and the painting, and increase the visibility of the poetry in the media, in the streets, in the schools, in the world.

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As the poetry keeps bringing the people together in every corner of each continent, everyone is invited to join the magic of this timeless art.

Source: UNESCO website