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La Brújula Guía de Ocio y Cultura – march 2020

La Brújula Guía de Ocio y Cultura – march 2020

8 of March Day of the Woman.
All the year we are feminist

The International Woman Day is commemorated every 8 of March, formalised by United Nations in 1975.

This special day, in the words of the ONU, “it’s referred to the common women as makers of the history and digs into the roots of the centuries-old fight of the woman to participate in the society on equal terms with the man’’.

In each one of us there is the capacity and responsibility to fight for fairer society.

The Equality between everyone, women, men and every sexual or gender tendency is the only path possible.

Therefore, we will fight all year long to be and teach our readers that the meaning of Feminism means Equality.

No one, independently of where is born, can be or feel superior or inferior to another person, of course, we are different and original in our own peculiarity, that differentiate us from the rest of the living beings.

That’s why, we want to yell out loud:

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Long live the women, the mothers, the sisters, the friends, the comrades, the girls, the grandmothers and the professionals!

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