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The ‘Tinerfeño’ (from Tenerife) Sito Morales offers us a new album, “Ojalá Mondo”

The ‘Tinerfeño’ (from Tenerife) Sito Morales offers us a new album, “Ojalá Mondo”

The ninth album of Sito Morales “Ojalá Mondo” arrives six years after his last and unbeatable “Antecedentes carnales”. 

However, the Canarian singer-songwriter, known for being member of Servicio Publico or Ataud Vacante, offers us in this new work, 8 current songs that are fruit of a well done distillate. Last year, he was on tour around the islands, together with Carlos Catana, with the show “Crónica en llamas: concierto para canciones desnudas”.

Writer of poems or songs, sings what he lives because he dreams awaken. The sensitivity of the poet is found in the voice of the narrator of the current tragedy the best vehicle to express your thoughts and feelings. Sito writes, describes, drags the words singing and makes that everything keeps rolling, towards some way.

For the occasion he counted again on the guitars of Alvaro Jimenez and the bass guitar ex El Eructo of the Bisonte / Palmera Oscar Santana. The chase of Juan Luis Pérez, saxophone of Morgan Hernández as well as the collaboration of others musicians of the class of Julio Tejera, Txetxo Baucells, José J., Diego Hernández or Román Brito have made up a familiar album where, even so, it stands out the nakedness of the song.

Recorded between the studios Agustic Recording and Mojo Estudio, finally was mixed and mastered by Ayoze Hernández in Guamasa Estudios.

This first album of Sito for Los 80 Pasan Factura coincides with the comeback of the artist with regard to the live show.

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Pending of dates in Gran Canaria, in Tenerife it has already been presented in acoustic format.

Available on the main musical digital platforms for listening and downloading, you can physically get it through the stamp, which accompanies every album of postcards of Sito Morales.

In addition, in the Facebook page of Sito Morales he has been uploading different videos of this “Ojalá Mondo” and will know dates and news.