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ÁNIMA WOMEN’S SURF STYLE is the union of passion for fashion and respect for our environment

ÁNIMA WOMEN’S SURF STYLE is the union of passion for fashion and respect for our environment

It is the result of all our passions:

The ocean, surfing, meditation, yoga, conscious and vegan eating and sustainability.

We want to do our bit to help the ocean and the planet.

That is why we are aware that the small acts we do every day have great benefits for the planet, we take great care of the origin of the materials we use in the manufacture of our products. For this reason, we use everything from organic cotton, Lenzing Modal, OEKO-TEX certified cotton to jute and bamboo botanical fibers.

In addition, we also make sure that our products have been manufactured under fair trade standards.

Ánima Women’s Surf Style is an eco-conscious beachwear brand. Designed in the Canary Islands by and for women who love the ocean.

Super light, soft and colorful surf ponchos and kimonos for the beach/pool are their star products. A capsule collection a year with limited editions.

Following the values ​​of Slow Fashion, ánima women’s surf takes special care with the materials used to make its products, as well as with the respect and fair salary of the people who make them come true. They are made in Europe. The ponchos and kimonos are handmade in Europe with Bamboo and Oeko-tex certified cotton (free of chemicals that are harmful to the skin and the environment). Turkish Peshtemal towel is the highest quality Turkish towel. It is very different from a conventional towel, it has a very soft touch and is super free and absorbent. It also has anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and anti-odor properties. Withstands several baths in the sea without stiffening or smelling bad.

The brand is only for women but since last year it also has a unisex poncho and baby towel.

Another of the pieces in the collection are the T-shirts with the Fairwear seal, made of organic cotton and screen-printed in Spain with ecological inks. With designs connected with Nature and the empowerment of women. The organic t-shirts are your support to collaborate with local NGOs that work to protect the biodiversity of the Islands. Donating one euro of the proceeds from its sale to these non-profit organizations that fight for the conservation of cetaceans, the Cape Verde turtles and the reforestation of the Canary Islands.

The 2022 collection is inspired by La Macaronesia, to which the Azores, Canary Islands and Cape Verde belong. Prints and colors that show us the beauty of the subtropical vegetation of the islands.


Created in Gran Canaria by Esperanza Bringas. Born in Madrid, 10 years ago she decided to take a different direction in her life after the birth of her son Noé. She moved to the Canary Islands thus fulfilling her dream of living in front of the ocean, learning to surf and living connected with nature and away from the large cement masses and the rush of the city. A designer, art director and photographer by training, vegan and a lover of the ocean and sustainability, she soon found a way to combine everything she loves in a single brand: ánima women’s surf style. and with it contribute their grain of sand in the conservation of the biodiversity of the Canary Islands.

It is an author’s project where he puts his heart and his time in all the processes from the creative to its sale. Esperanza designs in her house facing the sea, without haste, a collection a year, with limited editions.

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