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Carlos Meneses brings us Jazz A.M, an intimate album where he undressed his soul

Carlos Meneses brings us Jazz A.M, an intimate album where he undressed his soul

Carlos Meneses present his second auto-edited album since Sharp Jazz (Rock CD, 2020), titled “Jazz a.m.”. It was recorded between april and may 2021. It is performanced by himself and he tries to express the music from his own inside, enjoying the 100% of creativity freedom, one of his best skills while developing his own original music.

“Jazz a.m.” was composed, edited and recorded late at night and dawn. Is a tribute for this certain genre of music. It’s peculiarity is being a nocturne world, since the beginnings of jazz and an expression of XX Century Music.

1. Spiral Bop, 2. I love everything of you y 3. Don´t miss the Trane, son obras inspiradas en John Coltrane

4. A new beginning is a contemporaneous composition with two versions of the song (video and album version), where he explores new musical ways.

5. One for Jose Victor is the very first composed song from the album and it’s dedicated to the famous grancanarian drummer José Víctor González, a musical genius, partner and a very good friend from the artist.

José Víctor, was a well-known and claimed artista in the regional scene, here’s his humble tribute, he will be remembered by his friends and those who were lucky to meet him.

6. Julieta is growing up, a little imagined piece from this artist, which was edited and accompanied by piano, it’s a joyful piece due to the age of the little composer: 3 years old. It’s mesmerizing!

The last piece of the album; 7. Marguiee´s favorite, is a jazz ballad dedicated to Marga, his own mother, big lover of his music and dreams supporter. It’s a tribute for the pianist Bill Evans, who in his own eyes, is the best jazz ballad performer in Jazz’s History. This piece has a traditional side (harmony) but it is innovative if we appreciate the shape of the song.

If you want to enjoy this music live, you’ve got a date in CAAM the next 8 of October 2021. 

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