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You only need two to rock, Bífidos.

You only need two to rock, Bífidos.

Bífidos is a power duo with a different music proposal of original songs which cover rock, garage, savage rock and roll, psychedelia or country music. Songs which mix all these influences and are made into an addictive conversation on a stage.

Melodies explains, with no lyrics, extraordinary stories, notes from the electric guitars and the rhythms from drums establish a dialogue full of strength and aptitude.

Sticky rhythms which will make you dance and songs which will evoke a notion of different fields and far deserts, dust in the way, truck and motorcycle noises.

But suddenly in the song Lobo de Mar, from their first album, they discover a song with sea breeze, seagulls, sand and rocks. An islander anthem.

It is recorded live entirely in Kalima Recording Studio with tons of joy. It’s obviously their first work.

Sharing and downloading you’ll support the project a lot.

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Bífidos: Juanma Gómez (drums and singer) y Fran M. Fajardo (guitars and singer).