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The Blues Riders releases their debut album “Last Train”

The Blues Riders releases their debut album “Last Train”

The Blues Riders is a band formed in 2015 in the island of Gran Canaria.

Its members have been on diverse canary musical projects with international and national repercussions and with many works published, like Red Beard, Reciclaje, Oscartienealas or Said Muti and with more than 20 years of live music experience.


Alejandro Butler: lead singer and harmonica

Juan Manuel Barroso: guitarist

Marcial Bonilla: bass guitar 

Leo Bea: drums

Influences of the band covered from the classic blues of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters or Buddy Guy to blue rock bands such as Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience or Lead Zeppelin though in their song list there is some space for contemporaneous bands like Wolfmother, The Black Keys or Rival Sons.

On each concert, they offer to the public a different offer, with tons of personality, sharing their souls and hearts in every song they play.

After a long time interpreting rock and blues classics. The Blues Riders have taken a step forward and they have recorded their first original album “Last Train”.

This album has been produced by the band in collaboration with the Canary Main Government.

Guitars and drums were recorded in a garage and the remaining instruments in the home recording studio of Marcial Bonilla, bass player and producer, mixer and masterisation maker of Last Train. 

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The art cover was made by Juanma Barroso, lead guitarist of the band and alongside the other members of the band, Roberto Amor have been a part of two songs from the album. Although physic copies of the album haven’t being made, you are able to listen to this new work in the main digital platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music.

In Last Train, The Blues Riders offer a bunch of original songs full of energy which drinks from the classic blues tradition to the standards of classic rock from the 70’s.

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