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We love the world of Sara the Supersick Girl

We love the world of Sara the Supersick Girl

We love the world of Sara the Supersick Girl, that’s why we’ve been talking to her about her life…

– How and when did you start?

I have devoured books since I was 4 years old, I was a really shy girl then. It’s the perfect combination to develop an overflowing imagination.

We can talk about Berlin, the summer of 2017. It was a dark stage of my life, something that everyone has passed through. Painting and writing help me to overcome this time of my life. Sharing the quick sketches I made in the metro, buses or in the restaurants where I used to eat alone. These paintings talked about what I was contemplating at the moment, what I felt during those regular days.

Uploading everything I made without any filters or modifications was an exercise to expose my undressed bowels. At first, showing yourself in this way would make you feel vulnerable. But it’s liberating. Something inside of you changes when you see how people reacted to your work, they smile and MOST OF ALL they feel the same as you feel.Even they don’t think in the same way as you expected. You break a wall, mimetising yourself with the outside land. 

That feedback gave me strength to everything else: a broken heart, stumbling and going to the Woods without a map. The next summer I was selling my own T-Shirts. I remember to be liberating those thoughts I had trapped inside of me. It felt amazing. Everyone shall do that.

At the end of that summer. I created the Instagram account @Supersickgirl666 to continue drawing those naughty draws and the ready-made writings and also confectioning a portfolio for clients’ projects: branding, creativity, graphic design and illustration.

From that moment, I couldn’t stop: I published my first book and now I have setted up a small tattoo studio at my place.

– Your idea of artistic life is…

Versatility, constancy and faith.

Versatility, experimenting. I couldn’t perform the same thing every single week. I’m not good at staying in a place where I always have to do the same. I need emotions to light my fire. Sometimes I cannot even concéntrate in my own house. Those cafés around my neighborhood and their noises are the ones that make me feel relaxed the most.

Artists need to have their own cave, their workshop, their place. A place where to retire. A place where to charge the battery, to break things, to close their eyes and meditate, where to write until 3 in the morning. This circle keeps self-feeding itself..

Constancy. Living out from your own vision of the world is complicated and it requires certain circumstances. There is not a magic recipe for this. There are some people who have more possibilities, but artistic careers can be developed by a community which is always being self-feed. 

Faith. It’s the fairy dust from every person who wants to take all their bowels out of their body and to materialise their own ideas.

– Next projects

Super Sick Tattoos

It makes me able to create my own personal works, significative and pretty fun. I didn’t have so much fun for such a long time. I love the feeling of people after getting them a tattoo, from the naughtiest to the deepest one: they feel better themselves, they reaffirmed their values.It has a perfect mix of emotion, creativity and patience skills and motivation in the long term.

Drawing workshops and creative power.

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This workshop is to meet people, laugh and drink gintonics. To draw is an excuse, but you can take every creative potential out. I came here to transmit something I would like someone to tell me a long time ago. We celebrate them in Cool Beans, a marvelous building of Vegueta, in front of CAAM museum which has been converted into a creative space: the interiosim is more than a dream.We’ll celebrate the first evento the next 24th of september, limited forum. 

– What about the future…?

It’s really comforting to see how your creativity can turn into new shapes. In the future I’d like my ideas to take unexpected paths: inflatable articles, furniture, murals or spaces/structures.

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