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What film do you recommend?

What film do you recommend?

If you are determined to spend a whole weekend watching films while lying on the sofa and you don’t know exactly what to watch, this is your article.

I bring you a compilation of films that will make you able to be a perfect film enjoyer… or at least, you won’t lose another Trivial Pursuit game with your friends.

If you are locked down at home, I hardly recommend you to watch the film “The Innocence”. Remember to get pop-corn and something to drink, this film has the record of being “the longest film ever made”, it last 21 hours and 5 minutes.

Another option could be extended sagas like “James Bond”, “Godzilla” or “Friday the 13th”.

Otherwise, if you are in a hurry you may be interested in the film “The Man”, is “the shortest film ever recorded” it last 10 seconds and it’s starred by an ant. The film wants to reflect the “the good and the evil” a story “likely deep”.

In the other hand, the safest bet is to be advised by numbers and digits: “Avatar”, the James Cameron’s production, lead the recaudation list with 2,85 thousand millions of dollars or “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strangers Tides” which is the most expensive film ever made with 410 millions of dollars.

An endless list of directors and scriptwriters bet for “The Godfather”. “Wizard of Oz ” and “Citizen Kane” as the most perfect films ever made, just saying…

Night pops up… Want to get scared? If you say so, the scariest film ever made is “Sinister” (2012). Experiments were made, monitoring the assistants of this film, and they noticed the heart rate raised a +32%.

But if you’re into TV series, choose the best one of all of them: “Breaking Bad”. If you’re looking for an endless show check out  “The Simpson” it will never let you down, with a record of 700 episodes. I will kill your boredom for sure!

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So, whatever you watch from this list, they won’t remain you indifferent and they will be a part of you