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Canary Craft Beer, a 0KM growing value

Canary Craft Beer, a 0KM growing value

For years, craft beers have evolved into a new way of drinking and to meet people, getting to the top of drinks such as wine.

Everything is related to the exponential growth of micro industries of craft beer, besides of improving the product they were making, they have made a huge quality jump offering many other varieties of their own beers risking and betting for a sustainable way of making brewery, trespassing frontiers and positioning themselves into the national market.

Definitely, enjoying Gran Canaria means to discover 0KM products.

There are 28 craft-brewers in the Canary Islands, we show you 4 of them in Gran Canaria, each one is different, try them all… 


They bet on an autonomous craft beer, elaborated here in Gran Canaria, taking care of each detail to add something unique to every one of them.

“They are crazy as a goat” (Jaira means goat in Spanish) because they feel close to those rebel goats who don’t follow the established conventions and rules.

In a world full of industrialised impersonal brewers and beers, they bet on an autonomous and detailed craft beer with something unique.

Their wish is for you to enjoy their beers as the ideal complement for your meals and not as a simple “soda”. That’s why they are always searching for new styles to amaze you with each Jaira.



“Cervecería Texeda”. In it, local cereals and seeds are represented (almonds, wheat or barley) are mixed together to serve its own label of craft-beer made in one of the highest point of Spain and created with mineral water from the highest fountain of Gran Canaria.


Canary Craft Beer, no colorants, no conservants and wood heated..

They offer Growler (1 and 2 litres glass recipients) for the customer to refill it in those bars who have a beer tower of Growls, an environmentally friendly choice.


My name is Andrés and I am a VAGAMUNDO (vagabond).

One day, I put on my bags full of dreams and I decided to cross the ocean finding adventures until I found the Canary Islands.

Here I found one of my biggest passions: BEER. Thanks to beer I could travel the seas again and I found a crafty way to make it.

That’s why now I’m searching for new VAGAMUNDOS who will follow me on this trip. The recipes of our style are inspired from around the world so you can enjoy them here in the Canary Islands.