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World Radio Day, every 13 of February, the waves accompany us.

World Radio Day, every 13 of February, the waves accompany us.

La Brújula culture and entertainment from Gran Canaria is a monthly paper and digital magazine, with a large presence in social networks and web support.

Since its founding, in the year 2012, our only objective has been to be seen as an indispensable platform to spread Quality Culture, the art in all its disciplines, every style of music, theatre, dance, photography, painting, and of course, take to the general public the events of the independent producers and the Traditional Festivities of the island.

To reach a larger amount of public, potentially an intelligent consumer of culture, we get involve in new projects, this time on the radio, an essential and romantic platform.For this reason, every week, on Fridays around 11:30h, you can listen to us on Radio U.D in the programme Bienvenidos a Bordo, conducted by our professional fellow and friend Sonsoles Artigas, where we break down the most important events and cultural news that will take place that weekend.

The first Thursday and Saturday of every month, from 18:00 to 20:00h, you will be able to, also, listen to us on the radio programme En bandeja de Plata,  7.7 Radio 89.6 fm – which is conducted by the writer and rock lover from the Canary Islands Vicente Martín Abreu.

In the programme we talk about the permanent sections of our monthly magazine and the most important musical events of the month, giving a bigger recognition to artists from the Canary Islands.

Origin of the World Radio Day

The radio is a unique media to celebrate the human diversity and makes a platform for the democratic speech.

The radio is still the most used media in the whole world. This ability to reach the largest possible amount of public makes it an indispensable tool to give shape to the society’s experience on diversity, and is the perfect stage so everyone can express themselves freely, feel represented and be heard. The radio stations must serve diverse communities, offer a wide variety of programmes, points of view and content, and should reflect the diversity of their audiences in their organizations and operations.

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For this reason, the Executive Board of UNESCO recommended to the General Conference the proclamation of the World Radio Day, on the basis of a feasibility study conducted in 2011 by the UNESCO as a response to a proposal from Spain.

A large consultation process was carried out aimed at the broadcasting medias; the public, state, private, community and international radio stations; the institutions, funds and programmes of the United Nations; the non-governmental organizations related with the subject; the universities, the bilateral foundations and organizations for the development, as well as the Permanent Delegations and the National Commissions of the UNESCO. The 91 percent of the answers supported the project

The driving force of this project, the Spanish Radio Academy, received the backup from the different associations, among others, the main international broadcasting organizations, the broadcasting unions and associations.

The General Manager of the UNESCO suggested the 13th of February as the date, the day the United Nations Radio was created, in 1946, to commemorate the World Radio Day.

On the 14th of January of 2013, the General Assembly formally approved the UNESCO’s proclamation for the World Radio Day, in its 67th session of the General Assembly with the resolution A/RES/67/124