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Anartists, the anarchy of the Theatre to arouse consciences

Anartists, the anarchy of the Theatre to arouse consciences

Anartists is a theatre company that was founded in the summer of 2016 with the intention of doing no other pretension than to create.

In less than a year this company has embarked on theatre, street and event projects, including from the most restrained or satirical comedy, to the drama, going through the cabaret, the comedy of the art, the clown, the children’s theatre, etc.

Four guys with the desire to experiment and above all play, with no intention of being stuck with one style, neither just one form of art, as these actors also make poetic actions, video art, shorts, performances, even some video clips. Everything is written, leaded, recorded, assembled and designed by them.        Anartists develops a unique language, which is filled with criticism, ridiculousness and rebellion. Four hearts that learn how to beat at the same pace so they can focus and join forces to do what they most love: Art.  

Why ANARTISTS as the name of the company? 

Anartists is a concept that defines us for the meaning they see in it. The Theatre is Anarchy and is Art, arrives to revert the meaning of everything, and not to show us something trivial or false. It attempts to exalt the hearts of the people doing it and watching it, therefore, is an art that requires the collaboration and comradeship, not the competition. They consider themselves theatre’s nomads, as they don’t cling to any branch of art, instead, they try to employ all the possible styles, investigate, test and have fun in the journey. They run from focusing on just one field and stay in that comfort zone, considering that the theatre world is immense, rich in all its disciplines.

The idea of making theatre “correctly” or “conventionally” is something they won’t do. Their aesthetic and language are pure rebellion, mocking boldness and indomitability, but always accompanied by tenderness and poetry. They search their autonomy and self-management at all times, as they highly trust their work, and believe that being Anartists means being happy and bother, making that everyone who sees them have a reaction and not remain indifferent, since this is the theatre they believe in.

They strongly think that Art can change the world, and their biggest reference is the THEATRE, everything that is done, whether it is in a building or the streets they see it as something that deserves their attention and reflection. “Without watching theatre, without cheeking what is exhibited every day in our city, how are we going to learn? They aspire to make a living from their Art, and they don’t stop “making”, to the point of involving themselves in a succession of artistic creations what makes them unstoppable.

Who are these four actors?

They are four very different persons, crazy and reckless, with totally diverse worlds, but together, they have discovered that they bring the best out of themselves. Despite their young age they have found their own style, their brand, their language. Their creative freshness and their imagination unite to put their hearts as the engine of everything they do, and the same synergy of the action makes them progress and not want to be still at no time. The excitement for a well done job, mixed with the personal craziness of each one and the chaos makes them true creators.       

On stage you can see how much fun they are having doing what they most like, and precisely is that happiness that is so well transmitted to the public what makes them unique. They aren’t scared of showing the creative process in the performances before showing the results. They are thirst for knowledge, so they try to learn from what they see, read and study to put it into practice on everything they do. This makes every creation process more interesting as everyone’s tastes are totally different so when they unite, acceptable proposals come out. This freedom that allows them to do what they want, always respectfully and with a lot of love, is something that characterise them, and that consciousness of how you truly learn is by creating is what allows them, despite their age, to exhibit shows and quality proposals.  

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