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Fran Mendoza, the image as a means of fight

Fran Mendoza, the image as a means of fight

The passion for drawing and painting, the relative from the Canary Islands Fran Mendoza inherited it from his sister when he was a kid, exceling in school in the subject of Fine Arts, above all, Artistic Drawing. He never took a test, he directly passed, and he was the envy of his classmates.A few years before finishing E.G.B it fell on his hands, or it would be better to say on his feet, the first skateboard, an old wooden cruiser from the brand Santa Cruz, in fact he had no idea of what he had, that piece of wood, iron and polyurethane captivated him.

Unos años antes de terminar la E.G.B cayó en sus manos, o mejor dicho en sus pies, el primer monopatín, un antiguo cruiser de madera de la marca Santa Cruz, en realidad no tenía ni pajolera idea de lo que tenía entre sus manos, aquel trozo de madera, hierro y poliuretano le cautivó.

Soon after, the shop Burbujita “La Vieja” opened and that was like the hatching and birth of a totally new world for him and for more than the half of the island.    

He tell us: “As I say, when the surfshops smelled like resin and catalyst, my first contact with a ramp was in a plot in the street Viriato or Graviana, watching people at the beach doing tricks over three wooden plates, placed like a V”.

Returning to his studies, once finished the E.G.B., he studied arts at A levels at the Applied Arts and Artistic Professions School, in order to later study the upper secondary level of Graphic Advertising, that, is what has made him who he is today, Freelance Graphic Designer, job he has been sharing with being an Educational Technician in foster homes for 16 years.     

Since 6 months ago he has been living in the island of Fuerteventura, where he shares life with a beautiful local woman settled in Corralejo, taking advantage that his son is old enough, he decided to try his luck in the neighbour island, where the only thing he misses is his family, friends and Agaete, apart from that, there he has everything and has found a happiness he didn’t expect.     


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He has a project shelved, of which he can only tell us that is related with the recycling, the sustainability and the environment, and loaded with an important artistic part.  

We can’t wait until he tells us what it is about; it will be spectacular for sure, as everything he does.