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Ecohuare, restoring the rural environment with a positive message

Ecohuare, restoring the rural environment with a positive message

The idea of creating Ecohuare arises out of a general need of restoring the environment and to give a positive answer to the actual crisis we are suffering nowadays. The idea is to regenerate the land which gives us sustenance without contaminating or exploiting it. Sometimes we ask ourselves: What can I do about it?

The main objective of Ecohuare is to renovate the environment through regenerative agriculture and to enhance an agronomist model based on an Agroforestry Dynamic System in those spaces which have been abandoned or degraded and also in those private agricultural areas which are in disused.

This productive system operates not only as a self-sufficient sustenance resource but as a form of land regeneration and a potential way to preserve the biological diversity in different strata: trees, bushes, weeds and other vegetable species which are strongly connected to other forms of life around.

One of the short-term targets of this plan is to design and to create “Ecological Sustainable Self-Consumption Gardens” which are able to applicate some of the main techniques of the Regenerative Agriculture as such: “No-till”, cultivation methods that use organic materia, to respect the natural cycles of the land, to operate with multi-purpose plant species (animal and human food cultivations, biomass cushioning, protection against erosion, etc).

Sustainable techniques that create a living environment for microorganisms, wildlife, flora and the human being.

Ecohuare bets for the essential: work hand to hand with Nature

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Agriculture and the ways we’ve learnt how to cultivate the land are the first step to preserve biodiversity.

By creating regenerative gardens we learn how to “feed our food” efficiently and by practising horticulture we learn how to decouple our regular habits that gives us a sign on how to understand vegetable life properly