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Jep Meléndez, dancer and improvisator

Jep Meléndez, dancer and improvisator

Teatro Guiniguada will host the new show “A pies y Manos” the following November 14th, at 8.30 pm. Timple music, body percussion and tap.

These are the basic schemes that converge in this new show rooted on the Canaries traditional basis, contemporary aesthetics and many new elements never used before in a show like this.

Benito Cabrera, assisted by the famous guitarist Tomás Fariña share an artistic conversation with Jep Meléndez (dancer and choreographer)

Meléndez has been trained as a tap dancer in many art schools from Barcelona and New York, he’s also a classic dance, jazz and afrocuban percussion enthusiast.

Dancer and improvisator who’s been part of numerous famous shows: “Benny Goodman Memorial”, “Jazzin and Dancin”, “Escolta’m” (Barcelona), “Navigazzioni” (Italy) “Tap City”, “Swing 46 Tap Jam” (New York), etc.

His own dance style is based on body percussion. He’s been developing his own performance for 20 years influenced by diverses styles and genres.

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He’s been leading the show “Pampidam” ideated by the well-known dance troupe MAYUMANA. He’s also been the leading dancer of CAMUT BAND on its shows “Keatoniana”, “Tambores”, “La vida es ritmo” and “Kiting-Kita”. In his last performances, we could highlight his participation as a co-author and choreographer in “Faros del Silencio”, his stellar participation on “Tapage Nocturne”, his academic role on the III International Body Music Festival in Sao Paulo (Brasil) and his new project “A mano limpia!” displayed at the V International Body Music Festival of Istanbul (Turkey). He’s been directing and managing also the festival Encuentro Internacional de Música Corporal de Tenerife in 2011 and 2012.

During 2011, he worked in the creation and investigation for his new show “Cambuyon”, became its artistic director and performer. This show was introduced in the IV International Body Music Festival in San Francisco and it was released in Tenerife, Barcelona and subsequently in “The New Victory Theater”, off-Broadway, New York. He’s also a tap, body percussion and dance instructor, and he counts with a diverse national and international academical experience.