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The photographer Jorge Vilar seduces us with a virtual expo about the Himba Tribe

The photographer Jorge Vilar seduces us with a virtual expo about the Himba Tribe

Jorge Vilar, is an artist from Cadiz who is living nowadays in Gran Canaria. He works as a professional photographer and he’s interested in approaching his own vision of other cultures and countries to the public. During his career, he’s been involved in amazing trips.

However, the african continent has been a huge change in his work as a photographer. This huge change is the main reason why he’s trying to publish this valuable graphic content about the Tribe which will be exposed in the next paragraphs:


In the dry region of Kunene, in the northeast of Namibia, Jorge has the opportunity to live and to take photos of the Himba Tribe, an interesting indigenous ethnic group in January of 2020.

Our society is discussing gender parity these days and we are testifying that this battle is trying to balance the both sides of this current social issue. However, the women from the Himba Tribe have a highlighted symbolism in the development of this idea, so for Jorge, this fact was an important photo to take. Polygamy, barter, the importance of livestock, the simbology of their own beads or that concoction made of russet, lard and spices used for women to get their own body protected against the sun and bugs are some of the examples of living in this tribe.

The empowerment of the Himba women is based on his capacity of creating new lives, as a form of survival and preservation of his own tribe. This reason makes them the leaders of their own cultural development.

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With this artistic work, the photographer Jorge Vilar wants to offer his particular point of view during his stay with the Himba Tribe in their own village.

The expo counts with its own AUDIO GUIDE which related the stories behind every single photo narrated by the photographer.

Audio Guide: