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La Óptica, a different approach. Vintage glasses never seen before!

La Óptica, a different approach. Vintage glasses never seen before!

We are enthusiastic about our profession and we are immensely inspired by the warmth, proximity and exclusivity that are so characteristic of small business; thus, in 2017 “La Óptica” was born, with its own name. Singular and unique, that is our best definition.

A different perspective!

Entering “La Óptica” is like getting into the Delorean from “Back to the future”. If you like the “trendy” look, we will show you a wide selection of the latest trends, fresh, original and innovative models that we take care to renew often because we know that the look also has to be fashionable. But if in addition to “trendy”, you like the idea of finding your own glasses, a Unique Glasses, one that only you can wear… then you will travel back in time with us and we will present you with the largest collection of Vintage Eyewear ever seen! Genuine glasses dating back to the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with mainly European and American origin. Glasses that have never seen the light of day, brand new. Designs with guaranteed authenticity that our optician have customised with love, making them Unique Vintage Glasses. Glasses with their own identity, your Glasses!

So open your eyes and spread your eyes wide, because no matter what kind of roll you’re on, you’ll find yours!

We’re looking out for you!

Of course we are faithful to the discipline of Optometry and apply it by focusing on the particular needs of each patient throughout the process:

  • Assessment and prescription
  • Correction of visual defects
  • Adaptation and control of ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses.

In addition, we work with the most prestigious lenses manufacturers because your health and wellbeing are always the most important things to us.

With a thousand eyes!

We put all our passion into it and we are not satisfied with “the same ol”. At La Óptica we will look for the best solution for your vision, even outside the conventional by means of, among others:

  • Prescription of prisms
  • Techniques for myopia control in children
  • Ortho-K
  • Advanced contact lenses
  • Low-vision therapy
  • Visual rehabilitation

What are you waiting for? Take a space-time trip to Santa Brígida and let yourself be seen in “La Óptica”!

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La Óptica Santa Brígida

Manuel Hernández Muñoz, 21. Santa Brígida. Gran Canaria.