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Library Day, every 11th of November

Library Day, every 11th of November

After 10 editions, the Library’s Day wants to get solid on the reader’s mind and from 2021 it seems that the date is going to remain in time.

Since this year and not caring about the day of the week, each 11th of november, libraries will celebrate they are near cultural temples, meeting points and they promote reading habits.

The stars will be the libraries, with their own diversity and capacity of resistance and adaptation to the new readers. 

To Álvaro Manso, speaker of CEGAL: «A library is a place where all the job of the book industry flows alongside with the readers. It’s important to highlight and value our activity».

With many activities alongside the national territory which can be seen on the web, they will try to reflect the diversity of books using documentaries, reading recommendations of any gender and for all the family. 

Digital economy has brought many changes in the way of buying and consuming certain goods by society. Books are one of the sectors that has to be reconverted since the foundation of Amazon and the rising interest of digital books. 

Libraries from all Spain will celebrate the LIBRARY’s DAY, an event which wants to promote books as an excellent adcquisition and libraries as the best way to buy them.

There are not two same human beings, there are not two same libraries: there are big and small libraries, libraries full of different topics and those which are specialised, those who talk many languages, those who save paintings and letters for children, those who offer a place where to drink coffee… 

We invite you to visit them the next 11th of November.

They’ll show you an incredible offer, how they care about books, and they will share their passion for them. They love to discover new authors, recommend you special stories or chat about the latest releases. That’s something shared by every library: the passion for books.

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Librarians are people in love with their jobs, they enjoy what they do: they select each book, they read the most they can to recommend the best story for the customer. Roberto Bolaño settled: “each reader has the library he or she deserves’ ‘. That’s why the day is celebrated, because they want to offer to society the best library posible.

Each person who enters into a library, is not a customer, is a friend. And they are proud of having such good friends. They are sure that anyone who dares to enter this place, will return.


See you in the Libraries

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