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SUNDAY GERMAN FLOWERS: SEXto is the new album of the polifacetic Domingo Alemán

SUNDAY GERMAN FLOWERS: SEXto is the new album of the polifacetic Domingo Alemán

The project leaded by Domingo Alemán shows a new album. The band formed by Domingo and Manuel Estévez in the last work, has been converted into a quartet adding a extra guitar by Iván Marrero (ex-Sin Radio) and with Vicente “Tete” Ferrera, sound engineer, now included in recording and production labours.

During this time of uncertainties, prohibitions and without concerts, in the rehearsal studio and their own Home-Studio through conversations in Whatsapp and sharing data on DropBox this album was becoming a real project.

A Psychedelic Rock n Roll Album which acquires many different details while listening to it. Noise, Punk, Pop or Psychedelia are expanded in a long-play album where guitars sail on a base of tribal rhythms and electronics. 

Nine songs which need to be played live and which count with new collaborations of Transistor Eye, Ana Alemán and Fajardo. 

Art by Iván Marrero

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Wanna Have Fun!  feat Transistor Eye

Something You Could Do feat Ana Alemán

Rock City Gets Me Down feat Ana Alemán

No Quiero Tener Razón feat Fajardo


No Sigas al Líder



Dark (Makes Me Suffer)

The Band:

Domingo Alemán composer, main voice, guitar, keyboards, electronic. Saxophone “Down”

Manuel Estévez drums and percussion

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Iván Marrero guitar

Vicente “Tete” Ferrera sound engineer


Paulo González (Transistor Eye) synths 

Ana Alemán backup voice

José Antonio Fajardo voice

Recorded, mixed and produced by Tete y Domingo 

Mastered by Vicente “Tete” Ferrera