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Tuna, flavor and health of our seas

Tuna, flavor and health of our seas

The time of the year to eat tuna in the Canary Islands has come, since last February 7, and at least until the end of the official season on June 14, a period that has a total expected catch of 527.97 tons.

Many restaurants in the Canary Islands will be invaded by recipes with this product, from the purity of this fish to classic recipes such as tuna with boiled mojo or a marmitako.

I look forward to those days where my mother rescues those lifelong recipes and that one more year makes us savor the product.

By the way, do you want the recipe for one of the most emblematic dishes made with tuna?

The Marmitako

Have you tried it? You can prepare it at home in a very easy and tasty way.

I’ll show you the recipe:


Sauté a large, chopped onion, a few strips of green pepper, a small tomato, a clove of garlic and a chilly pepper in a saucepan with mild olive oil. When the onion is golden, add a medium-sized potato chopped for each diner. Add salt to taste and continue frying, turning with a wooden spoon. When the potatoes are lightly browned, add a glass of white wine or smoked broth and cook for 30 minutes. At the last minute add the bonito or diced tuna, without skin or black areas. In a few minutes and when the tuna pieces change color remove and let rest.

Garnish with a little parsley, serve hot and medium broth.

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Do you dare to cook it?

If you make them, you must tell us how it turned out…

And did you know that we have an upcoming appointment? This year the tuna fair of the municipality of Mogán returns and we will be able to enjoy many presentations, putting the value of the fishermen, the street vendors, those women who dedicated themselves to those tasks of the sea and of course, to the gastronomic sector.

Well, what has been said, take the opportunity to consume seasonal products and write down the date of May 28 and 29, when we will talk a lot about tuna.