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2 new references are coming from NDE and La Masacre

2 new references are coming from NDE and La Masacre

The finish line of this year is going to bring many new editions in different formats. Los 80 Pasan Factura keeps collating the editions of music with books about music or musician from the islands. Next year it will be 15 years since this path began and with that more than hundreds of albums, books or DVDs which have been produced or edited.

Now, this month of November is coming with double new material.

From Gran Canaria, edited in 1992, the album “Dos Palos en Golgota ” from N. D. E. was the very first thrash metal CD ever produced in the islands.

This album hasn’t been re-edited, in fact, it has been a vinyl diamond for a long time for collectionist. This time we made something different…

Los 80 Pasan Factura edited this album, cooperating with R.C.A.MM, “La consciencia sin fronteras” an actual CD has been recorded, the remaining songs from the original idea to be put in a future work from the band are right now in a new edition, as well for Vanguardia Records

10 tracks which has been set up carefully and recorded with passion by Randy and Javier, two of the original members.

Regardless of a live performance and the band chosen for that job, this album recovers the memory of a band who hasn’t been forgotten and revitalizes their own legacy.

On the other hand, from Tenerife, La Masacre has returned in their second album with Los 80 Pasan Factura

Under the name of Amusia they present eleven rageful tracks based on screamings and growls, whispers and empty silences. Recorded in Pnumbra, which also records the band videos and many other artists, count with the collaboration of Albert from Brutalizzed Kids in the song Cucarachas

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We must highlight the contudence of the bass lines, the drums which allow the guitar and the voice to act precisely with shaped melodies, letting some space for strong chorus.

With or without concerts, we keep composing, recording and editing. 

We’ve never stopped cultivating and feeding brains!