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Love on Films

Love on Films

The romantic comedy is one of the most watched genres of the seventh art.

Love is something that has always charmed humans since the beginning of life.

We feel things we are not able to explain and sometimes these thoughts are beyond common sense, that’s why culturally this is an endless resource of inspiration for artistic exhibitions like literatura, painting, music or, basically, the cinema.

Idealisation of love in the world of the brilliant screens, it’s been taking a place in their public subsconsiences for many years, wrong ideas about relationships, all of them exaggerated, where love always wins.

“I want a Fairy Tale”.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman”

Plenty of people who have watched this kind of content look forward to getting out of reality, the idyllic love, something we all try to achieve in life, but this story is far away from reality.

Even if you share a whole life with someone and the days are like the same, we think we’ll have someone who is going to love us forever, like in hundreds of films.

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But life is not like that, we are surrounded by misgiving symptoms not the grace and the happiness we have watched in Disney classics.

So let me be esceptic about the characters of your love films in real life, I doubt they wouldn’t be able to live happily ever after.