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Geaniva Shop Decor, events, fashion and complements, Africa today

Geaniva Shop Decor, events, fashion and complements, Africa today

Gina Emmanuel AKa Niang has lived in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria since she was 1 year old. She came from Pikine, Dakar, Senegal.

Is one of the Vice Presidents from the African Women Association in the Canary Islands. AMAC.

Her enterprise, Geaniva África and Euroafrica began online in 2014, approaching the details and the craft beauty and fashion from Senegal.

The physical store borned in 2019, just when the lockdown began. It was involved in the problems related to not knowing what to do. But the founder Gina stayed bravely with a huge energy, she started to work on dynamizing the business on social media for months.

In 2020 the physical store opened in the Muelle Shopping Center and after a year, the 1st of August she decided to open another one in Mesa y López, opening the store in C/Tomás Miller 12, on the corner of Cirilo Morales.

African culture is still expanding, and headgear is proof of that.

Nowadays, these pieces of fashion show the status and the african life’s style, which many continents are adapting. African clothes have a meaning and they have an important place in the whole Africa.

Aka Niang shows african fashion and stilism mixed with european trends not forgetting where grew up, in the Canary Islands, but always respecting the meaning of the african history.

Geaniva also spreads the african culture using african fashion, dancing, colors, food, cloths, headgears, craft and culture in general in many events she coordinates and collaborates with.