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 M I N I A T U R a attacks with the new work “G e o m e t r i a p r o h i b i d a”

 M I N I A T U R a attacks with the new work “G e o m e t r i a p r o h i b i d a”

MINIATURa, a project behind which the work of Canarian Eduardo Briganty hides.

“Geometría Prohibida” (Keroxen/Discrepant 2022) is their fourth album. Here, once again, the range of sound possibilities opens up and the record, broad and concise at the same time, of the sound x-ray of the musician from Gran Canaria.

Briganty returns, taking the scalpel of a sonic shaker that she wields with precision and elegant restraint.

The constant presence of the most orthodox “kraut-rock”, with monolithic and accelerated bases on which the melodic urges are built, is already recorded in “Distopía”, as well as in “Geometria Prhibida” -theme that gives title to this disc- and “Hipnosis”. Eduardo’s voice takes up the launch of the usual and sober sonorous and lyrical darts that have shaped such fruitful results in the discography.

The urgency and sobriety, the content and desperate ardor of the molten guitars reaches its climax in “El rayo que no cesa”, a culminating moment in which the minimalist nod to the poetic work of Miguel Hernández is presented as a suffocating amount of controlled noise that leaves us on the threshold of an impromptu road reunion between Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo. After the agonizing ecstasy, he gives us a house brand hit, “Ojos como platos”, a worthy heiress to the best “shoegazing-dream pop” anthems that his record work has given us.

Completing the sound collage, on the one hand, is a sober and firm version of “Johnny Guitar” that moves elegantly between the original film by Peggy Lee and the subsequent tribute by Die Haut and Blixa Bargeld, managing to unify the spirit of the warm twilight western. to the cold hieratic “kraut-crooner”. On the other hand, the sound and narrative tension of this sound polyhedron is released with “Frágil”, a little gem that seems to come from one of Vini Reilly’s moments of exultant compositional balance in The Durutti Column.

After almost 15 years of recording career, this fourth record release sounds like the absolute crystallization of a project.

Along this path, MINIATURa moves more and more comfortably on the shoulders of some giants such as (Swell Maps, Neu! Joy Division, Sonic youth or Scott Walker) while continuing to build its particular microcosm in the form of these fleeting sound flashes crystallized in songs such as those offered by “Geometría Prohibída”.

Carlos Robles

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