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 Lowlights is the first LP by the Canarian musician Nauci Gold

 Lowlights is the first LP by the Canarian musician Nauci Gold

Lowlights is the first LP presented by Nauci Gold, a work that could be understood as a step forward in confirming the sound that he presented to us on his first EP, Roots.

Musically, the proposal is the same, a soul / nu soul mixed with ethnic elements and synths but this time he takes a step forward with a less timid sound that goes even further and fearlessly into the sound world created by Nauci Gold.

On this new album, he is perhaps also closer to the more alternative r’n’b where the games of voices and polyrhythms play a very important role and where Nauci’s voice is once again the protagonist.

The album was written by Nauci Gold late last year and was mixed and mastered by Hendrick Valera (Colombia). Lowlights consists of 9 songs, the two singles already released (A million and 6 days) as well as “Crowns”, a single that bridged the gap between Roots and Lowlights remixed for the occasion.

In addition, an intro and 5 new songs where “Ma’at” is found, the first song entirely in Spanish, and “Lowlights”, the song that gives its name to the work and which, apart from being the single with which it is presented, It is the song that could perhaps best define the sound of the dazzling Canarian artist.

Lowlights is a step up from the Roots EP. It is the evolution of the sound that was sought, a Nu soul album where we find ethnic elements and details throughout practically the entire album and approaches to alternative r’n’b or nu jazz.


One of the details that mark the album are the voice games in addition to the different polyrhythms that are also present throughout Lowlights. Also in this album are the first songs where it is sung in Spanish, at the end of the song “Lowlights” and in the song “Ma’at”.

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The album has been written by Nauci Gold and mixed and mastered by Hendrick Valera with the collaboration of Canarian, Latino and American musicians.

Conceptually Lowlights talks about emotional or spiritual growth, learning to flourish, embracing our ghosts, learning to say goodbye and understanding that we are part of a whole, as humans and as a community. Knowing that we are all blessed even though we have been pushed aside at some point. Holding on as a starting point in those moments when the light is low and we are alone with ourselves keeping our hopes and dreams high.