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May magazine: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, an alternative city

May magazine: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, an alternative city

The Spanish Royal Academy (RAE) defines the term “alternative” as an adjective which describes “any activity of any genre, especially cultural activities, which are opposite to the official models commonly accepted”, while the Cambridge Dictionary defines the therm as an “unusual” way of living, especially “when it its chosen a place where to live or where to work not considered usual in the modern society”.

On Wikipedia it is accepted the certain concept alternative lifestyle, defined like “a way of living out of the cultural rules”,

The searching for the alternative is not new, decades ago there have been people who wanted to have an alternative lifestyle out of the regular or the prevailing option or they even refused to follow impositions.

There are plenty of these ideas that have become regular and common.

Reuse, recycle, dress up with natural fibers, using bicycles or the public transport, digital working and its nomads, consuming ecological food, or the notion of consuming less meat make our society healthier and sustainable… just because we know our lifestyle we are performing nowadays could change our future (our health and our environment).

#Wearegreen #Wearesea #WeareGranCanaria

And in this month of May, where the 30th is the Day of the Canary Island, we speak about the business and cultural projects that make our city a cosmopolitan and alternative place where to live, a Paradise located in the South of Europe. 

Dive in the world of cultural associations, sotores, businesses, artists, business projects or bars, where the sinergy Exchange of artistic ideas develope the alternative skill of the city.

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