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Castillo Interior. The last news from the chambers of “Castillo Interior”

Castillo Interior. The last news from the chambers of “Castillo Interior”

A few months ago Pumuky edited their last new album Castillo Interior.

The members of the band decided to make a versión of Pumuky and uploaded it to the Internet. This fact is quite interesting: a band from the 80’s tributing to one of the most famous and emotional bands from the modern times.

In Bandcamp you can listen to every single song which they have built from the album Castillo Interior.

But no, although we are showing this new stuff from the band, they are not planning to be reborn or to perform this new album on live. 

In march 1987, after more than 2 years of existence, the band Catillo Interior from Tenerife planned to record in Estudios AS and to register what it supposed to be their first album. When the album was almost ready to be finished, the Recording Studio closed down and the songs were forgotten in time.

In 2017, Los 80 Pasan Factura edited, under the name of “Canciones Desterradas”, an album and a vinyl which included 7 of the 10 songs from that forgotten album. The album was edited in 10” and it was together with a book of 200 pages under the name of “El sueño dorado: Castillo Interior y la escena musical en Tenerife en los 80”

In this particular work, the members narrated the history of the band and they put the context when Tenerife, Spain and the world was surrounded by a dark atmosphere over those times.

The songs El sueño dorado, Indecisión y Vuela hacia mi (El método del amor) were left from this first edition mainly, because after the digitalisation of the coils, we realised we will need more time to mix and master them. 

This recording was perfom by Gustavo on drums, Antonio bass guitar and main voice, and Horacio and Jordi on guitars. Digitalised on Guamasa Estudios by Ayoze Hernández, it was mixed and mastered in Madrid by Antonio Interior.

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Edited in may of 2021 in a vinyl record of 7”, it includes an insert with the story of the album, a poster, a diary with postcards and a pin.