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Las Canteras Brand, una marca canaria comprometida con el cuidado de la playa

Las Canteras Brand, una marca canaria comprometida con el cuidado de la playa

Las Canteras Brand is a label from the Canary island borned with Saltpetre and Heart, in the best beach of the world.

Behind the Brand you can find Robert Carlsson and Toni Moret, cousins with a business mind and in love with our land.

Robert created his profile in Las Canteras’ Beach when the social networks were yet unknown and he was living in Madrid. The community grew up with thousands of followers and comments who expressed their own love for the famous beach. In the right moment, he decided to found the brand to spread the values of the beach to the world. So he decided to launch a few clothes to the market. 

However, a few years after this main event, during the lockdown in 2020 Toni proposed Robert to relaunch the Brand with his own participation in the project.

Last June, they made a new rebranding and the label started again under the name of Las Canteras Brand.

How were the first steps of this new era for the brand

We just took the decision! From the very first time we thought of this project as a social movement to support this beach somehow. That’s why we started to think that part of our benefits should be invested in taking care of the place and to promote the beach to any part of the world. #VisteLasCanteras, wear our beach proudly and most of all, it supports the movement.

How can we contribute to this movement?

Our company designates the 8% of the benefits to take care of the beach, focalising the fight against plastic and to preserve the environment preservation in collaboration with some ecological associations like Latitud Azul. In addition to this, this May we’ll organise (if we are able to due to the actual sanitary crisis) a cleaning group in Las Canteras under the slogan #CuidaLasCanteras.

As we said, Las Canteras is for everybody. Is in our hands to respect it and to enjoy it.




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Thanks to: Latitud azul, Helados Peña La Vieja, The Classroom, embajadores y todos/as los #CanterasLovers que aportan su granito de arena.