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Dani does and undoes as he pleases, a multifaceted artist

Dani does and undoes as he pleases, a multifaceted artist

Daniel Naranjo Díaz, from Gran Canaria and since I was little I felt a great interest in any activity related to creativity.

When I finished my training in Madrid, I opened my own design studio, where I continue to create for small and large companies. Currently, I am also dedicated to illustration, which has always been one of my passions, and this last year I decided to get down to work. It has been very well received, which has made me extremely happy, as I see how the things I create travel the world and decorate homes, inviting people to dream every time they see them.

People define me as a Renaissance gentleman since it is rare that I do not know how to do, I love facing new challenges daily and learning new techniques, for this reason I work in bookbinding, basketry, ceramics, painting and a multitude of disciplines that give my name. mark “danihace” since I do many things.

How did you start?
I think I started when I was just a couple of years old, since practically from the time I was born I already had the need to have a pencil in my hand to be able to draw the things that came out of my head, I was lucky to have parents and a family who always supported my ambition to create, whatever I did, something for which I am extremely grateful today. Since it is because of them that I had the opportunity to be the person that I am.

When and why?
Although I have been illustrating all my life, my work as a professional illustrator was born just a few months ago when two friends and I decided to motivate ourselves to illustrate together. We set ourselves a weekly challenge, “make an illustration that brings together 3 concepts”, each one chose a concept and we began to illustrate. After several weeks and seeing all the results, we decided to launch our creations on the street, and we set ourselves the goal of going to a market together in December to see the result.

As for the reason for my need to illustrate, it began under a selfish premise, since I wanted to force myself out of routine work, and force myself to create those things that characterized me all my life, work where creativity was free and could put on paper the things that came out of my head. Although it started under a selfish premise, the short time that I have been selling my illustrations made me realize that my work connected with people, and in general they encourage them to dream and bring out their inner child, to smile and have fun every time they see one posted. of my pictures on the wall of his house. From that first market, where I realized that, I decided that this was going to be my motivation when creating, making the people who see my illustrations smile and dream, regardless of the age of the person who sees it.

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What do you intend to offer and to whom?
What I intend to offer to the people who see my works is to bring out that creative soul that we all have, and that many times, by growing up and becoming adults, we put down for a nap or are self-conscious for fear of not fitting into society. With my works I want anyone regardless of age to dream, laugh and create their own stories in the dream worlds that I try to capture in all my illustrations.

What about your workshops?
Today, I give a multitude of workshops including stamping, Japanese painting, watercolor, embroidery, making paper flowers, etc. However, my star workshops are bookbinding where I teach from the most basic bindings such as origami, butterfly, to much more complex bindings sewn with thread.