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April is the month of art

April is the month of art

With the art cover from the artist from Tenerife Ivan Retamas we celebrate the 15th of this month, The Day of Art.

Without any art, in any of their disciplines, our world would be a boring place to be. No colors, no feelings…

 The 17th of april we have Circus’ Day too. This event put together a huge amount of many disciplines of art and leaves a huge mark in ourselves since our childhood with its own dreaming atmosphere and its own magical characters.

The 18th we have to take care of our Heritage and show them to our kids and teach them the stories behind them. It’s the International Day of Heritage and Places, don’t hesitate to know our history better on this day. 

The 21st we must congratulate our creators and innovators on their own International Day. They show their own world to the people , they give us new bridges and they make us value our own imagination.

The Global Day of the Record Store is the 22nd of April. Let’s go buying that music that always helps us in any moment of our lives, when we are happy or when we are nostalgic. Indispensable!

The 23rd is the Book’s International Day. What could we say about one of the most ancient methods to share our own history, our thoughts, our lives through generations. Give away culture!

Paper, pencil and the characteristical smell of a wet page never die.

Music is always shared with Dancing, the 29th is its own International Day. The body language, the expression behind any movement charged with huge feelings from these professionals always softly touch ourselves. 

And the music follows the 30th of April with the International Jazz Day.

Music made us able since the last XXth century to allow musicians to explore new sounds and notes, creating new languages and improving the freedom to create.

Music will make us free.

And we finish this month of April, dedicated to art, we’ll celebrate the International Kiss Day.

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Soon, we’ll be able to see each other’s faces and we’ll be able to hug each other and kiss each other closely.

Take care of each other to be able to care and don’t let people out from kissing.

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