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Playa Viva Route, a quality brand recognised and valued by everyone, support it and enjoy it

Playa Viva Route, a quality brand recognised and valued by everyone, support it and enjoy it

Playa Viva Route, a quality brand recognised and valued by everyone, support it and enjoy it.

Space to share art in the middle of the city.

A few years ago, two establishments of the capital, La Guarida del Blues (Las Canteras Beach) and Tiramisú (Pilar Square, Guanarteme) started hosting concerts earlier, always used to, until then, to go to these establishments starting at 12 PM, it was a totally revealing experience. 

In that way, they began promoting local artists in free concerts for the public.

The idea settled so successfully that the local government of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria legislated it, naming it Playa Viva Route.

Some establishments joined the initiative and, above all, that made others open one in a rising business.  

Throughout the years there have been all kinds of situations, some establishments that didn’t know how to promote culture, believing that with just hiring a musician they will fill the place, even paying a pittance to the artists.

There have been others that have had to deal with neighbours, the wind, the rain and the crisis.

But, so any city council take it into consideration (indifferently of the political party), it has to be legislated once and for all. And any neighbour who doesn’t like music, please, this initiative is one of our capital’s standards, don’t mistreat it, thanks.

Invite any visitor to go to these establishments and they will tell you with a smile: »how lucky are we to be able to enjoy of the theatre, the music, exhibitions, restaurants in our Las Canteras Beach, for free», yes for free.

You will just have to order in the corresponding establishment to help the owner pay the artist. Don’t make the mistake of buying in the nearest market to save some money; the art doesn’t deserve that snub. That will make the establishment not hire the artist again, the artist won’t get recognition and you, at the end, won’t see more free art.

Every week from Thursday to Sunday, at different times, you will be able to enjoy concerts, exhibitions, theatre, etc. Check our daily schedule in the digital or paper magazine La Brujula culture and entertainment to be informed with detail of all the programming.

For all this, we encourage every business owner from the municipalities of the islands to offer culture to their clients, it will be an added value to their business.  We will promote a rising industry of every branch of art: launching ceremonies of shorts or books, concerts, monologs, different types of exhibitions, activities for kids, etc, etc, etc… 

Consume art, but do it with responsibility.

Support the owners that promote the culture and especially, support the artist from the Canary Islands. Your idols were from a neighbourhood at the beginning …