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In the Ecologic Shop La Fucha you will find everything from the land

In the Ecologic Shop La Fucha you will find everything from the land

La Fucha is a local business founded at the beginning of 2006 by Nuria and Tati in the neighbourhood of Guanarteme. During those years we have been adapting to the changes of the neighbourhood, the society and the market.

We back the fresh quality product, working with local producers, helping to benefit the local economy based on the kilometre 0, increasing the offer of bulk products to try to generate the least amount of wastes possible. Our bulk offer goes from the fruits and vegetables, going through the dried fruits and nuts, cereals, legumes, flours and more… until reaching the incorporation of bio cleaning products, you will also find a variety of packaged products.

During this time we have seen the growth of the demand of ecological products, in a more conscious society, but there is still a lot of work to do, in a limited land like ours, we feel like there is an important alienation, the fact that the consumption of local products is so low doesn’t allow the development of a quality agriculture and the land is even more abandoned, what means a deterioration in the nature and a very high dependency to what it’s brought from outside, what is something warning given our geographical position. All this benefits the multinationals and is harmful to the local development.

The Fucha Eko is something more than a shop, here alliances, long-lasting friendships and meetings with a common purpose takes place. 

In La Fucha Tienda Ecológica you will find everything from the land, fruits and vegetables from the highest quality at an affordable price, your wallet won’t suffer.

What can you find in La Fucha?

You can find handmade and natural cosmetics made in Gran Canaria, cheeses #violife, 100% vegans, with coconut oil and vit B12, without lactose, soya bean, dried fruits and nuts, gluten neither preservatives, coconut and almond yoghurts @abbot_kinneys naturals and with flavours as mango and raspberry, handcrafted meditational benches from beech wood, reusable Ecoalpispa ecopackages, made from ecologic cotton and eco beeswax, very easy to use, in three sizes and with very cool prints. It’s good for wrapping vegetables, a bowl of food, keeping food in the fridge or taking a sandwich to work.  

Products »If you care’, the name says everything, 100% recycled aluminium, minimum generation of wastes, silicone baking parchment without bleaching. Biodegradable coffee filters, paper bags for sandwiches, biscuits, fried fruit and nuts… Every product »If you care» is chlorine free, recycled and recyclables, committed with the environment.

Reusable Bbo bottles Irisiana, free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC and heavy metals, with neoprene cases for keeping the temperature.   Bamboo toothbrush Naturbrush. Clean teeth without plastics. Essential and diffusing oils. Aromatherapy. 

And an endless amount of products that will help you feel better inside and outside

You will also be able to help the world be a little bit better by buying bulk products, a cleaner option of consuming, eating without generating wastes, without plastics. Cereals, legumes, flours, dried fruits and nuts, dehydrated and more in #lafuchatiendaeko.

They have increased the offer of ready-made boxes of seasonal fruits and vegetables. This is our proposal:

Mixed boxed fuchita 5kg (fruit 2kg+green vegetables 3kg includes various vegetables+lettuce and 1mjo aromatics.) Ask for our seasonal mixed boxes.     The boxes include seasonal fruit and vegetable, prevailing the ones from km 0 origin, everything fresh and very tasty. You can call or send an email and they’ll prepares them so you can pick them up whenever you want.   They have home delivery service.

Another activity they organize is ecologic cooking workshops, be attentive to their Facebook page.

+ Info:

  • C/ Covadonga 49, Guanarteme, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • +34 928 27 42 86
  • Timetable : From lunes to viernes 9:30-14:00 and from 17:00-20:00 | Saturdays from 9:30 to 14:00 | Sundays closed
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