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Shall we uncork a Canarian wine?

Shall we uncork a Canarian wine?

November arrived and with it the openings of the wineries, the uncorking of new wines, wines that tell us about the latest harvest or about trying wines that are on their way to being finished, what we call “vinos en rama”.

Says the Spanish proverb; “For San Andrés, the wort is wine” and how right is it? Or not? It is true that, if these young wines appear, without aging. You know that they are?

We are going to try to count the types of wines that we can find in the market, how difficult it is to start.

If we talk about age, we can find wines in the branch, young, crianzas, reservas, gran reserva, oak. If we talk about color; whites, rosés, clarets, reds. If we talk about residual sugar, we can find: sweet, dry, sweet, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sparkling wines.

Do you know how you like wines?

Difficult question if you are beginning to introduce yourself in this world, but today, we are going to learn to know what you can find on our island, Gran Canaria.

We are an island with a great diversity of types of grapes that allow the DO wines of Gran Canaria, it is estimated that in the whole of the Canary Islands there are more than 135 different varieties, but not all of them are currently made wine on the Island. The most cultivated variety for both making white and red wine is the listán, a grape with a high percentage of production. Some of those oenological jewels, as they say in Gáldar, are varieties such as the volcanic Malvasia, the tintilla, the slimy, among many others.

We are so different from other Spanish territories due to the great varietal heritage, for having a volcanic territory, for having a heroic viticulture, for having manual labor, 100% of the harvests are manual and the trade winds caress us.

Without forgetting that we are limited productions, selected productions, we are one of those wines that are produced faithful to their territory.

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Remember something, each of the production areas is totally different from the others. With which, in each corkage, you are faced with uncorking culture, knowledge, flavor, smell, texture…

Do you know how you like wines???

Since you now know much more, come, dare and ask for a Canarian wine and uncork it with enthusiasm so that you can see and feel that each bottle is a world to discover.

Long live San Andres!!!