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The relaxing moments of Nirav Patel

The relaxing moments of Nirav Patel

By Zeneida Fuentes

Nirav Patel is a photographer borned in India but his own personal circumstances made him move out to the United States when he was only 2 years old.

Civil engineer, he worked as a wine cellar designer during the first 4 years after finishing his degree. One day, when he was staying at home after being fired, Nirav found an album of photos from his parent’s wedding. This was a fact that awakened a passion for documenting moments to preserve the memories behind them.

At this moment, photography became his hobby and eventually an obsession for this artist.

This moment marks his own career. Even though he worked again as an engineer, his love for photography didn’t disappear and it became bigger and bigger. He decided to quit the job and to dedícate himself into this passion. “I couldn’t let her go” – Patel

Influenced by cinema and narrative, Nirav tries to tell stories through his photography. 95% of his work it’s made with natural light and he tries to establish a relation between the people who have been photographed, so he spends a day with them.

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Nirav’s photographs are mostly portraits, they transmit stillness and serenity feelings which are almost impossible to escape. His delicate and majestic way of playing with lights defines his own work and somehow, they leave us begging for more and more. Like a way of escaping from the digital noise.

Would you like to watch more from Nirav Patel’s work?

If you say so, you can find him on instagram like @niravphotography