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The wonderful Pop World of Martingala Diseño

The wonderful Pop World of Martingala Diseño

Martingala Diseño borned 5 years ago like a creative product from Claudio Martin as a parallel career to his main activity: escenic arts, where he has been working for more than 10 years performing as a costume and set designer for theatre and musicals, being Opera the genre where his own work is more prolific.

Throughout his funny and original vision of the world he introduces us into a colorful world and 100% POP.

His art is recopilated inside the FAN ART tradition, that means his own work has a special visual impact on famous characters, epoques, clothing… which the artist took from different universes created by a third person. He generates new narratives related to this fandom or he just expresses iconic moments generally connected to cinema, theatre, TV shows, music, books, video games, comics… 

His technique is the vectorial illustration, a digital art branch which permits the artista to create figures and geometric forms out of programmed vectors.

His own pieces of art are not only about the myths behind FAN ARTS, Martingala Diseño performs personalised portraits and even pets. His creations are for being printed in normal elements, or even in magnets or cotton bags.

Martingala Diseño has been working for the corporation image of Atap Canarias, a company related with dog’s therapy, GCSigno a educative center specialised in sign language and Asociación Terapican where he has design many educative guides for students in order to teach the a responsable habit against their pets.

His next project is to make a Coloring Book, publishing his own drawings to be colored and customized.

His sophisticated touch involves you and makes you into his imaginary world of fresh Pop Art, a delicatessen.

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