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We want the Playa Viva Route to return to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

We want the Playa Viva Route to return to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

The Playa Viva Route, for those who knew it, was a wonderful proposal to share art in the middle of the city.

A few years ago, A.C (before coronavirus), two venues in the capital, La Guarida del Blues (Playa de Las Canteras) and Tiramisu (Plaza del Pilar, Guanarteme) began to hold concerts at an early hour, always used to, until then , to attend from 12 at night, was quite a revealing experience.

Thus, they began to promote local artists in free concerts for the public.

The idea was so well established that the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council took ownership of the idea shortly after and gave it a name, calling it Ruta Playa Viva.

Some locals joined the initiative and, above all, it made others open under the protection of a booming business niche.

In those years there was everything, some venues that did not know or did not want to promote culture, believing that just by hiring the musician they would fill their business, even paying miserable money to the artists.

Others also had to deal with neighbors, the wind, the rain, the crises. And already with the pandemic, the 2 or 3 that remained saw how everything ended.

But, for any councilor to take it into account (regardless of the party they belong to), it must be legislated at once. And any neighbor who doesn’t like music, please, this initiative is one of the banners of our capital, don’t mistreat it, thank you.

We invited many tourists to visit these places and they told us, amazed and with a smile: “how lucky we are to enjoy the theater, music, exhibitions, restaurants in our Playa de Las Canteras and its surroundings, with this eternal and free spring”, yes free.

You only had to consume at the corresponding location to help the businessman pay the artist. Many committed the outrage, to save, to buy in the super on duty, art does not deserve that contempt. That caused some to close, like the Mojo Club, remember? What a shame… don’t do it anymore, please.

They shouldn’t do it at free festivals either, help the culture survive…

The promoter does not hire the artist again, the artist will not go out to be known and that you, in the end, will not see art for free again.

From Thursday to Sunday of each week, at different times, you could enjoy concerts, exhibitions, theater, etc.

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For all this, we encourage the Councilor, the Mayor, and the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria town hall to legislate and once again value this highly attractive proposal for the city.

Entrepreneurs will be able to offer culture to their clients, it will be an added value to their business. We will promote an emerging industry in all branches of art: presentation of short films, books, concerts, monologues, exhibitions of any kind, activities for children, etc, etc, etc…

We ask you to please help us consume art, but responsibly.

In any case, it continues to support businessmen who promote culture and, above all, it supports Canarian artists.


Your idols were a local band at the beginning!