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 Ms Pika Dj is one to take, follow her..

 Ms Pika Dj is one to take, follow her..

Jessica Gutiérrez AKA Ms Pika comes from Gran Canaria, specifically from Las Mesas, she is a DJ and an air force soldier by profession.

He started in the world of electronic music at the age of 21, beginning to play in different clubs in Gran Canaria and on some neighboring islands.

She spent a lot of time wandering from one club to another, sharing a booth with many of her friends and with different projects in mind, but it was not until 2019 when she took the reins of her music and began to give her what she always expected, according to her late , but never if happiness is good they say, because it is the best decision he has ever made, he tells us.

Today and in just 2 years he has been able to sign on the best electronic music labels in the world such as Material, Happy Techno, Casa Rossa, Nastyfunk, Hood Pilitics, Safe Label, Rim, Great Stuff, KlapHouse and many more. ..

He also has his own Label, MAMBO LAB, already closed for references until 2023 and a new label that opens next month, FANATIKO RECORDS, everything he is passionate about, electronic music.

Right now he has his own private parties also on the island called MAMBO AND PLAY&BEATS.

At home, what he listens to is the opposite because between the weekends and the hours he spends in the studio making music, he prefers to listen to other styles, a bit of everything.

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His favorite track without a doubt was one of his early Röyksopp – What else is there (Trentemoller Remix). To this day, she continues to listen to it and her hair continues to stand on end, it brings back very good memories, she says enthusiastically.

Jessica had a dream and she is fulfilling it, don’t forget it and fight for yours.

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