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Presis Cerámics: Ceramic made in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Presis Cerámics: Ceramic made in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

María and Alex together form Presis Ceramics, a small ceramics studio located in Gran Canaria, from Santa Brígida to the world, or at least the latter is what they want, since part of their efforts are focused on selling outside the island. , a really difficult task for all those canaries who intend to sell online, but are still there, with their determination, looking for markets in which to position their “ceramic made in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean”.

María, co-founder of Presis Ceramics, is passionate about nature and animals, she loves to create beautiful and functional ceramic pieces, she lands her ideas in pencil, by means of a simple sketch and then translates it into clay. Before creating Presis Ceramics, Maria came from the administrative world and did not know that she had these artistic skills and the innate facility to interpret the dimension of a three-dimensional object. Alex is a Graduate in Graphic Design, a plus to grow the brand as far as communication is concerned, he likes to keep in mind the environment that surrounds him when it comes to capturing his ideas in the mud.

“Sometimes we spend a large part of our lives looking for what our passion is and in others it is the passion that finds us.”

It was by chance that María and Alex started in the world of ceramics, they were very interested in creating objects that they could later use at home, so it all started when they decided to go to a ceramics class to try and voila! one thing led to another, they spent hours with muddy hands as if time had stopped, one day a week in ceramics classes they did very little, they wanted to go deeper, so they decided to study Artistic Ceramics at the Gran Canaria School of Art and Design, where his learning curve grew exponentially.

They like to understand ceramics from the point of view of product design, handmade, where each piece of ceramic is created with love, where each imperfection enriches the object and the imprint of the human being can be seen in each one of them. thus distancing us from mass, repetitive, characterless industrial manufacturing, where there is not even a hint of humanity left in them. They are very inspired by the Japandi design, a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian design, although they are not focused on traditional Canarian ceramics, they do not miss the opportunity to visit local master craftsmen and see how they work, even some of their pieces bear nods to this ancient craft

Ceramics is the way for María and Alex to project and express themselves. Being a very small studio, they make very few units of their models, many of them are unique pieces, they work with low and high firing clays, although they opt for stoneware. , for them it is essential that the material preserves its organic properties, that we can see and feel its textures, as long as the object and its functionality allow it. They are more flat and neutral colors, we like that a color that is too flashy takes away the prominence from the very shape of the piece and its details, in addition, it is of vital importance for Presis Ceramics that its ceramic pieces do not contain toxic substances, both if it is for food use as if it is for a plant.

In the short time they have been with this project, some of their pieces have already crossed the pond, reaching the United States and some countries in central Europe. In Gran Canaria you can find them in some of the fashion markets on the island or by contacting them on Instagram, they also make custom pieces.

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