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Telde, famous for its delicious oranges.

Telde, famous for its delicious oranges.

Without a doubt, we are in times of recharging our bodies with vitamins and which better than Vitamin C, therefore we are moving to the town of Telde which is one of the biggest producers of citrus fruits. 

The oranges and the citrus fruits altogether preserve the cultural and landscape heritage of the town.

The first Orange reference in the Canary Islands and specially Telde dates back to 1583 when Thomas Nicolás wrote in his book “Canary Islands with their strange fruits and commodities“.

He referred to:

«This land has singular good wines, especially in the town of Telde, and sundry sorts of good fruits, such as Sweet Potatoes, Mellons, pears, Apples, Oranges, Lemmons, Pomegranates, Figs, Peaches of diverse sorts, and many other fruits».

More than 300 years later, in 1911, two daughters – without partner, Lady Du Cane, Florencia and her, travelled around the Canary Islands to write and paint their book «Canarias», in which they mention «Telde, famous for its oranges – it is said the best in the world».

We are talking about a product with history and a location known by the consumers, the richness of the varieties of the citrus fruits allow us to enjoy them all year long.

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The harvest, for example, of the company “Don Tomás” started the past 12 of July, having already recollected 11.000 kg of mandarins of the “Satsuma” family until reaching between them and the rest of the town producers more than 2 million kg. We have practically covered the year, starting with the mandarins of the satsuma family from July to December like the Okitsu, clausellinas, from October to May we have the clementine such as clemunules, orogrande, oroval  and the oranges without a doubt, the queen is the “Washington navel”, we can enjoy them from October to the end of May, or the navel oranges which are well-balanced between the sourness and the sweetness, we can have them from November to January.

Moreover, there are many more varieties that allow us to have citrus fruits during the year.

Therefore, we invite you to taste Telde’s citrus fruits