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Better by bike is a non-profit entity created in 2016, which uses the bicycle as a tool for social transformation and works within the social and solidarity economy.

These are some projects that we develop with a social character and initiatives around mobility:

• Classroom Workshop: Pre-employment training in bicycle mechanics, for young people in vulnerable situations.

Changes in chain: Training of bicycle mechanics with the aim of creating community bike repair points and bicycle routes through Las Palmas de G.C. to learn to cycle and enjoy healthy leisure alternatives for the group of homeless people.

Leisure and free time activities for Third Sector entities

Training in urban cycling (One more bike) for young people and adults, in different municipalities of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

• Biciescuela: Courses to learn to ride a bicycle (children and adults)

Sitycleta sin Limites: Volunteer project to offer tricycle rides to the elderly and/or people with reduced mobility with the aim of alleviating unwanted loneliness and offering healthy leisure alternatives (Bike without Age).

Better by bike is a partner entity of CONBICI, the National Coordinator of Cycling Entities and also of Factoría de Ciclistas (Coordinator of companies and training entities in urban cycling), as well as the International Cycling Without Age network.

Among its purposes, Better by Bike has different lines of work:

– Social inclusion, with which it develops social, cultural and economic projects and actions that allow citizen empowerment strategies to minimize social exclusion and socio-labor insecurity. As well as promoting social action initiatives and projects, aimed at children, youth, families, the elderly, women, people with disabilities and other sectors of the population at risk or social exclusion, to respond to their needs.

Sustainable mobility, through which we promote, disseminate, raise awareness of sustainable mobility as a tool for change to improve the health and habitability of urban spaces. At the same time, we develop the training of people in driving bicycles and the like, in urban environments.

– Environmental Education, with the aim of raising awareness among the population of environmental problems, developing actions and/or projects aimed at promoting environmental education.

Cooperation with which to carry out actions aimed at communicative exchange and collaboration with entities with matching purposes, as well as aimed at education for development and international cooperation for development.

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