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Join to Ecologistas en Acción #EcologíaAplastante (#SimpleEcoMaths)

Join to Ecologistas en Acción #EcologíaAplastante (#SimpleEcoMaths)

We all know If an emergency is answered with urgent measures, the climatic emergency shall be too.

If health is the first social issue in line, change the economic system is the next issue to take care of. We can not deny any longer that if we pay attention to the purity of the air, we are helping each other and it’s obvious talking that prevailing the safety of Nature we protect ourselves. All these facts are #EcológicaAplastante (#SimpleEcoMaths).

For the very first time in 22 years, plenty of ecological collectives all around Spain have been together to spread an unique manifesto: to take care and protect the environment.

Ecologistas en Acción is a federation composed by more than 300 ecologic groups spreaded around villages and cities from Spain. They form part of the social ecologism, which consists in explaining the ecological problems as an answer of the model of consuming and producing adapted in the whole world. From this critical situation comes out new social problems that must be transformed if we want to stop the ecological crisis.



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For this purpose, Ecologistas en Acción impulse awareness campaigns, public or legal reports against environmental damages and, at the same time, they elaborate concrete and useful alternatives in each área where they perform their activity.

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