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Libérrimo, sustainable and independent Canarian fashion

Libérrimo, sustainable and independent Canarian fashion

The designer Libertad Castellano was born on April 11, 1995 in Gran Canaria. Graduating from the Gran Canaria School of Art in fashion design in 2019, she turned her final study project into her first collection.

That same year, she created LIBÉRRIMO, a fashion brand for women and men who seek to differentiate themselves.

It is defined by the fusion of origins and tradition with innovation together with textile experimentation. His aesthetic universe is full of color, texture, volume and movement.

Sustainable, inclusive and independent.

To date, three collections have seen the light; the 1st called Cre-cimientos, a 2nd titled E-evolución, presented at the EGO showroom, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Journey, this last one paraded in October 2021 at Gran Canaria Swim Week by Moda Cálida.

In 2022 one of the thirty VIII BIAAF finalists in the accessories category.

The firm has appearances in the press as “más mujer” and “neo2”.

With short and solid steps, the brand has managed to have its own workshop in addition to its online store, which ships to all corners of the world.


INDIGO offers a sensual and functional universe, it makes people strong, powerful and attractive.

We designed garments that celebrated the beauty of the skin with a touch of humor and poetry.

This collection made up of seven women’s and three men’s swimwear 2023, is inspired by fungi, specifically various species of mushrooms. The indigo Lactarius mushroom is the one that gives its name, it is blue, very, very blue.


The classic cuts together with the experimentation of pattern making worked with an inclusive vision. Each piece is designed to show off all types of body, some more and others less, but they all cover different sizes.

We have produced pieces that, thanks to a ruching system, adapt to all silhouettes, but we also have some stronger pieces that emphasize our interest in a more artisanal approach to fashion design.

Textures, overlays and color palette inspired by the nature of mushrooms. Neutral tones, subtle variations of earth tones alongside whites and grays contrast with reds, blues, greens and yellows.

The construction of the silhouettes reinforces the idea of ​​movement and comfort as its main function.

We avoid using trimmings and elastics as far as possible, betting on the fabric itself so that it is the one that holds and provides the function, the wearer being able to adjust it to their liking.

We want to emphasize that this collection reinforces our firm belief that fashion is for everyone, regardless of the shape or size of the model.

Our brand philosophy is as friendly as possible to the environment, always looking for the minimum impact on the planet. The polyamide used in the collection is recycled thanks to the process developed by ECONYL®.

Econyl’s regeneration system begins with the salvage of materials taken from landfills and oceans around the world. That trash is then sorted to recover as much nylon as possible.

3D accessories are part of the brand’s DNA. This time we have used a filament from mussel shells.

Our footwear, made in Spain by a craftsman, is made up of a pine wood shoe alternated with fabrics from the look itself.