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Marikas Rurales, a new Association

Marikas Rurales, a new Association

It’s tempting to play the clueless and assume that your zip code doesn’t matter when it comes to LGTBI+Q rights.

Taking your pen for a walk down Calle Triana is not the same as walking down the cobbled streets of any town in the Canary Islands. Where 4G and activist memes arrive… the LGBTI discourse does not always penetrate.

If you grew up in a VILLAGE… you know exactly what we’re talking about…

For this reason it is very important to talk about the new association that has been created in Gran Canaria under the name of Marikas Rurales, a clear message of intentions.


Health Area: Ensure health security in charge of a nurse and a social worker.

Example: Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Culture Area: Trips to the Museum, concerts…

Other activities: Hiking, gatherings, meetups and more…

Senior Area

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Volunteer Area

Its mission is to fight for diversity and support for LGTBI+Q people and promote all those activities that are beneficial for a plural society with the collective.

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