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New project with its own style by Javier Montero Band

New project with its own style by Javier Montero Band

The band and the compositions are original, they may be classified as Fusion Jazz, but although it counts with influences of Progressive Jazz but as a far cry from this style it’s not that simple to select this genre only into these two exponentials just because it has its own original sound.

The story of this band must has been told since the 90’s in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the forming band “Ondared”, leaded by Javier Montero (as a vibraphonist) which also counts with José Carlos Cejudo (electric bass guitar) and David Quevedo (keyboard). Is in this band where some musical ideas that are played nowadays had borned and settled the style of the actual project “Surgere”.

The development of the rhythm, harmonies and melodies throughout this first encounter became the own style of Javier Montero.  

However, this project rests until 2007, the year where everything starts again.

As a first step of this new lap a new CD recording was planned. It was called “ONDAS”, remembering somehow the name of the first work. The album was recorded in 2007 in “III R” Studios, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and it was mastered in Systems two, Brooklyn, New York. It became an example of a nice work of performance and sound.

This new recording project is called “Surgere” (AWAKENING) name influenced by the return of the band.

The set list from the recording project is composed by 9 original songs by Javier Montero, leader of the group.

The actual band is composed by the following members:

Piano: David Quevedo (Gran Canaria)

Electric Guitar: Santiago Miranda (Gran Canaria)

Bass guitar: José Carlos Cejudo (Gran Canaria)

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Drums: Javier Montero (Gran Canaria)

Trumpets: Sebastián Gil (Gran Canaria)