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Each month you will be able to plunge into the deepest parts of Gran Canaria and discover the history, the different microclimates and the singularity of its landscape and their people through a delicious food: the cheese.

Cheese shops, interpretation centres and routes in the Nature to get to know and admire the value of cheeses which are internationally awarded and are elaborated with the heart of some workers who we should support.  

It’s been 4 years since the sisters Beatriz y Natalia Naroy elaborate cheeses and manage the society, they took over after a long cheese and shepherding tradition in their family. This cheese shop is located in Cortijo Casa la Data, in the Presa de las Niñas, in the municipality of Tejeda, Gran Canaria. 

They have their own cattle to elaborate their cheeses, around two hundred Majorera goats, as well as two hundred Canarian sheeps, which they shepherd every day around the area of Cortijo Casa la Data, the Degollada de Becerra, as well as the Presa de las Niñas.

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All of their cheeses are elaborated with raw milk, a mix of Majorera goat’s and Canarian sheep’s milk. On the other hand, their average annual production of semicured cheese is around 7.000 kg and the one of cured cheese is 2.720 kg.

Their cheeses can be tasted and bought in the own cheese shop (in the dam and in the summit), they have a delivery service around the areas of Tejeda, Valleseco and Teror, they sell to bars, restaurants and businesses and, moreover, they sell their cheeses in the street market of Tejeda which is held once a month.